Berkutova Elizaveta Vladislavovna

DOB: August 28, 1996
Born in Severomorsk, Murmansk region, Russia
Lives and works in Saint Petersburg/Moscow, Russian Federation


2013 - 2019 Saint Petersburg State Academy of Art and Design named after Baron Stieglitz

Personal exhibitions

2022 'have/no/baby'
Kontora parohodstva, Tyumen, Russia

Selected exhibitions:

2022 Sergey Kuryokhin Prize
Center for Contemporary Art named after Sergey Kuryokhin,
St. Petersburg, Russia

2022 Blazar Fair
Moscow, Russia

2022 'Tell me where the flowers are'
Cafe Rubinshtein, St. Petersburg, Russia

2022 'Искусство будущего/Art for the future'
Online program of the Biennale, Multimedia Art Museum, Moscow

2021 'Paper Public Art Exhibition'
Street Art Museum, Saint-Petersburg, Russia

2021 'You will never know me'
3d exhibition + art game in Kz gallery

2021 'The Principle of Interaction'
ZNACHIMOE, Saint-Petersburg, Russia

2021 'Reproduction of Fireflies'
LUDA, Saint-Petersburg, Russia

2021 Blazar Fair
Moscow, Russia

Virtual museum 'CovidRoom'

2020 'In 24-Hours'
Exhibition curated by Ayshia Taskin and [SHIFT:ibpcpa]
at The Wall Space Gallery, Scotland, UK

2020 'Dotted line, dash, broken line'
Kvadrat Art Center, Saint Petersburg, Russia

2019 'Feel On/Off'
Kvadrat Art Center. Saint Petersburg, Russia

2019 International biennale of vitreous enamel vol. IV 'Golden thread - way of the creation' Museum ofApplied Art named after Baron Shtiglitz, Saint Petersburg

2018 'I want to say about it...'
Ryazan, Russia

2019 1rd degree diploma, 'Feel On/Off', Kvadrat Art Center, Saint Petersburg, Russia

2018 3rd degree diploma, all-russian competition 'I want to say about it...', Ryazan, Russia