Elizaveta explores the themes of human consciousness, ways of memory construction, cognition of corporeality, and or within the alternative realities. Elizaveta spent her childhood in a closed military town, which reflected on her artistic activity lately. She creates projects as opposed to the militaristic system she was surrounded by. Her artistic work is an attempt to gain freedom, to achieve justice, safety, and peace. In the projects, she asks questions about the ideal, sometimes utopian structure of society, trying to find answers to them, or leaving them open.

The artist integrates a participative element into each project, thus creating a comfortable and accessible environment for the viewer: everyone has the opportunity to be involved in an art object one way or another, for example, by trying on an Instagram mask created by Elizabeth.

Until 2023, she lived and worked in St. Petersburg. Due to her anti-war position, she was forced to leave Russia.

DOB: August 28, 1996
Born in Severomorsk, Murmansk region, Russia
Lives and works in London, UK

solo exhibition

2023 – 'left of me', BS Gallery Saint-Petersburg Russian Federation
2022 – 'have /no/baby', curated by Aleksandra Zhernova, art multicenter 'Kontora Parokhodstva'

selected exhibitions

2023 – The Wrong Biennale, Pavilion 'un_unsubscribe', Berlin, Germany

2023 – 'Locked up', BS Gallery, Saint-Petersburg, Russian Federation

2022 – Sergey Kuryokhin Award, Sergey Kuryokhin Center for Contemporary Art, Saint Petersburg, Russia

2022 – 'Tell me where the flowers are', curated by Lizaveta Matveeva and Irena Kuksenaite, cafe 'Rubinstein', Saint Petersburg, Russia

2022 – 'Art for the future', the online program of the Biennale, Multimedia Art Museum, Moscow

2021 – 'Paper public art', curated by Lizaveta Matveeva, Street Art Museum, Saint Petersburg, Russia

2021 – 'You'll never know me', curated by Katya Mikhatova, Kz gallery

2021 – 'The Principle of Interaction', curated by Marina Alvitr, ZNACHIMOE gallery, Saint Petersburg, Russia

2021 – 'Reproduction of Fireflies', curated by Petr Belyi, LUDA gallery, Saint Petersburg, Russia

2021 – 'Welcome home', Dom Boutique Hotel, Saint Petersburg, Russia

2021 – 'Tiny, female', curated by Katya Mikhatova, FFTN, Saint Petersburg, Russia

2021 – 'Metamorphoses of corporeality', Open studios, Saint Petersburg, Russia

2020 – 'Lurkmoar' Myth Gallery, curated by Anna Zavedyi, Saint Petersburg, Russia

2020 – 'COVIDROOM', Virtual Museum 'CovidRoom'

2020 – 'In 24-hours', curated by Aisha Taskin, The Wall Space Gallery, Scotland, UK

2020 – 'Dotted line, dash, broken line', Youth center 'Kvadrat', Saint Petersburg, Russia


2022 – Sergey Kuryokhin Award, Sergey Kuryokhin Center for Contemporary Art, Saint Petersburg, Russia


2023 – The Wrong Biennale, Pavilion 'un_unsubscribe', Berlin Germany

2022 – Art for the future Online program of the Biennale. Multimedia Art Museum Moscow Russian Federation

art fair

2023 – 1703, Maison 25, Saint-Petersburg, Russian Federation

2022 – Blazar Fair, Independent Artists Section, Moscow, Russia

2021 – Blazar Fair, White Lines, Moscow, Russia

educational background

2013 – 2019 Stieglitz State Academy of Art and Design in St. Petersburg