' Desires, dreams, and thoughts that live within us make us act, change ourselves physically and mentally.
There is a need to become stronger and better, to become adapted to external environmental factors, to evolve, to be more steadfast and more flexible with regard to new living conditions. Visualize thoughts and make your mind take the next step in microevolution.
Occurring in a historically short period of time, the plastic art forms of the brain lead to neural sculpture, contribute to the emergence of a new form, a new mind based on mutational variability, the struggle for human existence, and change the brain networks. Because of the desire to become better, to create a new version of ourselves. '

'Adaptation NS00' is a fantasy and reflection on the topic of deformation and changes in the body, mind in new environmental conditions.
Video shooting takes at FaceTime, during which the observer takes notes and also follows what is happening in order to understand the situation and plunge into a state of adaptation to new factors that affect our lives and change us from the inside and out.