Disarm the mind
Real fear, neurotic and moral anxiety, regardless of classification, these states can suddenly arise from apparent calm and tranquility. Cold walls of vacuum grow. As if a portal transports consciousness first, then the body into a bright, monochrome space reminiscent of limbo. This is a place where one must fight against this very anxiety. After all, the outcome depends on it.

In addition to everything else, this state of anxiety, specifically the scale of this state, affects the overall existence of an individual and the decisions we make. Despite all the negative factors, anxiety can motivate people to seek solutions and stimulate curiosity, contributing to the development of human intuition and creativity.

We understand the world through anxiety, perceive it as a natural state of human experience, and shape our worldview. Knightly duels with swords were considered routine just five centuries ago. Perhaps there will come a moment when we need to stop evading this vacuum and change the atmosphere within it.