'Googl yourself'
What is preserved in memory; mental reproduction of the past, stored away somewhere deep inside.

That is something that periodically pops up in the brain like a flashback and tends to disappear or reappear. How many such memories and moments are concealed deep in our conscious? And why do some situations in our lives affect us one way or another?

Thoughts and revelations that can lead us to the fact that we have to step beyond the thresholds of the usual morality, but at the same time, it is this experience that can open new horizons of freedom for us.

'Googl yourself' is a way of representing a person in the digital age, recognizing emotions in a modern way, focusing on the change in attitude towards the image of a person with the development of technology.

The project is prepared to reveal the internal state, to analyze ourselves and the society we live in, that may be either similar to us or not.
mask for Instagram
plastic, printing on polycarbonate, backlight