The exhibition is a research through which the boundaries of consciousness are considered as a certain form of self-identification.
The issues of depersonalization and a look at several realities unfold throughout the life on three levels/universes:

(have) — idyll, peace, freedom
(no) — anxiety, fear and soot
(baby) — carelessness, childishness, weightlessness
Living a life in these realities allows the character to enter new worlds. And what's happening in them changes the idea of the familiar reality. Having an unprepared consciousness, this leads to the division of the resulting world into possible options for actions.

Inside time, a system of three universes unfolds, which can be perceived as a multiverse or a change in self-consciousness and as a violation of the sense of the world, the sense of self, where the same patterns carry new meanings or necessarily repeatied ones.

The project is about finding the right path. And it reveals three levels in which you can have everything you want, or lose what you have obtained, but keep what is important.

The exposition of the project is divided into areas and portals, which show artifacts (objects) and a single-channel video installation «Murder on the northern portal».
solo exhibition

installations, video art
'Kontora Parokhodstva', Tyumen, Russia
The video art called «Murder on the northern portal» is a story of a character exploring the process of self-identification.