Identity depot
"Identity Depot" is a project dedicated to the examination of the process of archiving the identity.
The term "depot" doesn't represent a space for unconscious storage; it adheres to a strict system.

Personal traits, both latent and manifest, are encrypted into symbols, which constitute the components of the depot's structure: a sword, an airplane, an alicorn, and a face. At the center of the depot, the medallion, like a shield, safeguards tenderly the concentration of the power.

Reaching the core can only be accomplished by partially dismantling the object, burning the cast face. This process provokes the emergence and fading of the life cycle, a kind of a ritual. What remains afterwards are solidified candle fragments—pieces of memory detached from each other and the essence of existence.

There is the choice: either to leave the sculpture in its original form or to burn the visage and discover the hidden secret within?
plastic, parafin