People who strive to create a new form in art, who make sacrifices to this art, subcultural freaks who do not seek material wealth in the main business of life experiment with sound each time checking how far they are can come in and it turns out so far away that at some point their music turns into simple noise.

The work contains a description of a musical art scene, such a direction as punk, namely its subgenres (power electronics, power noise, experimental, harsh noise), in which attempts to create something new sincere are perceived as ordinary noise for many people. Considering this work, we can draw an analogy with contemporary art, in which I and many artists who connect their lives with this direction remain incomprehensible to everyone, remain freaks in the society in which we live.

Noise is a vacuum in which everything is in a frozen state, it is very difficult to get out of this vacuum, this vacuum prevents us from being heard and prevents us from being a part of the world in which everyone relates to art with understanding, with love.


Size 85x40cm
Author's technique using epoxy resin, collage, marble