Toxicity can have many shades, but the essence of toxicity is primarily "poison."

We experience anger, hatred, emptiness; we construct stable life plans. We exist. But we don't truly live. There's enough strength in me, in you, and in us to step back from anger, to refrain from inflicting poison on ourselves and those close to us. Sweet routine, enticing power, corrosive injustice, a corrupt system, a rejection of freedom. It's not life-threatening and doesn't have a direct physical impact on your body, not compensated by a healthy lifestyle. It might cause some discomfort, irritation, exhaustion, depression, anger, possibly violate another person's boundaries, invite criticism. Paradise with a taste of poison.

Oops, convenient))
01. 'Opps', epoxy resin, neon tape, stickers, 140х53х35cm
02. 3D printing, 4 objects, 17х18х10cm, 14х14х14cm
03. 'Taste of poised paradise', epoxy resin, stickers, 108,5х80х8сm
04. augmented reality, mask for Instagram