Turn off the lights, I'll glow
Snow, cold, and melancholy are sensations and images of home embedded in the work. Similar images are often perceived negatively, but Elizaveta gives them a pure and bright form, devoid of any emotional color and leaving only tranquility.

The delicate, white installation takes on an organic anthropomorphic shape. It is light and airy, one can relate it to the human body, one can inhabit it, take shelter in it. The cast is used as a component, and its symbolic significance is the impression, understood as something that has experienced pressure and influence.

Through this plastic metaphor, Elizaveta relates herself to the home as a place that shaped her and always remains with her in the form of sensations. Thus, "Turn off the lights, I'll glow" is a story about how a home can be cold, strange, and somewhat tragic, yet always remains important, familiar, and close.
The project is dedicated to the artist's father.

Initially, the project was conceived with only white light, and the red light under the wing was added after the news of his plane crash, in which he died, right before the exhibition.
installation and video art
plastic, neon tape
The installation existed until 2022.
In 2022, the organizers of an exhibition destroyed the installation, so in September 2023 a video was created in which the project is revived.