'What's left of me'
The central concepts of the "What's left of me" project revolve around loss and memory. Having experienced a personal tragedy—the death of her father, Elizaveta Berkutova delves into the exploration of the theme of death, which remains taboo for many.

The artist seeks to answer the question: "What will remain after me?" In an attempt to visualize and make sense of this experience, the author creates an installation that the viewer can literally try on.

The ceramic fragments of the work mimic the anatomy of the human body while simultaneously resembling ashes. On the shards of what was once a cohesive whole, two inscriptions can be noticed: "1996"—the year of birth, and the word "мир" (peace)—a life-affirming slogan, the foundation of the author's beliefs. This is all that will remain when everything else turns to dust.

The awareness of one's own finiteness is frightening and paralyzing, but it helps a person remember what truly matters. The "What's left of me" project provides an opportunity to feel a connection to the artist's experiences and transform the fear of loss into a caring concern for one's memory after death.
installation (wearable art)
black ceramic, metallic glaze, chain